About Us

Core Competence

Online Document Conversion is a part of JV Info Solutions. JVIS architects information for the digital environment. We specialize in structuring unstructured information for large and small businesses as well as individuals.
Digital content is increasing at a tremendous rate and, correspondingly, the need for quick and accurate document conversion across formats is accelerating. The JVIS on-line document conversion service is dedicated to the fast and precision-engineered conversion of documents.


Our work with clients world-wide like McGraw Hill, Mitsubishi and Macmillan Press is a testament to the focus on quality. We are constantly developing Online Document Conversion smarts that can automate our processes. We regularly analyze real-world situations from our work context to fine-tune and when necessary re-engineer our business architecture for better performance.

Research & Development

Research and development are an integral part of our corporate DNA. Like many discoveries, we often find an excellent technique or enhancement when confronted with unusual or new challenges. We then cycle this idea through R&D to research how we can integrate it into the Online Document Conversion process. The image-to-text and image-to-data conversion refinements we have just enhanced are a case in point.

That's why whether its a report on Stock market today or on rising prices of Gold or about How the Dow Jones industrial average and other stock indexes like nyse or New York stock exchange fared in trading or about bank of america stock or an article US downgrade sends gold price rocketing higher or honda recall, S P 500 ratings,  latest about Gavin Degraw hospital report, pga golf or science friday report, you'll soon understand why at ODC every one gets high priority and same deal, whether you are a student or a mature businessman,  whether you are a small business or the likes of IBM, Microsoft or HP - once you become our customer you win our high respect as soon as you start converting your document online, and that's our guarantee because of our deep research.